Nigel Parry, Winner of Communication Arts 2015 Photography Annual for Esquire

Congrats to Nigel Parry on being honored in the  Communication Arts 2015 Photography Annual for Esquire.

Communication Arts 2015 Photography Annual

Danny DeVito, Editorial for Esquire

Nigel Parry/CPi, Photographer

Art Director, David Curcurito

Photographer Director, Michael Norseng


Nigel Parry's visually stunning photo exhibit 'Dead Famous 10' at SpainMedia Gallery

A new exhibit titled 'Dead Famous 10',  by critically acclaimed photographer Nigel Parry opened on June 18th at the SpainMedia Gallery in Madrid. The show features dramatic and emotionally-charged portraits of unforgettable figures from music, cinema, design, and politics - all brilliantly captured by Nigel Parry - who have since passed on but have left an indellible mark on modern culture. Please visit SpainMedia Gallery  for more information. 

Profile piece about Dean Bradshaw in June 2015 issue of Rangefinder

Conceptual and advertising photographer Dean Bradshaw is profiled in the June 2015 issue of Rangefinder Magazine. Bradshaw, a native Aussie now based in California, discusses his photography roots which began in Perth, and led him to the US to pursue a professional career. Bradshaw is a visual storyteller who 'engineers a dream' and rather than focusing on a singular shot, he prides himself on creating a rich visual story. Read full story on Rangefinder.