Dean Bradshaw Shoots AUDI A3 Campaign

Intrigue and suspense surround this compelling narrative campaign for Audi A3 shot by Dean Bradshaw.

Set amidst the landscape of downtown LA, here are some of the riveting images used to tell the story for the Premium brand supporting their emphasis on design and style with a great appreciation of being technologically advanced with innovative products.  The Campaign focuses on the attractive design, high caliber of materials and Audi’s build quality.

New Photo Series by Dean Bradshaw for Amref Health Africa UK

This photo series by commercial photographer Dean Bradshaw tells a story of contemporary African womanhood, portraying women from Amref projects as they wish to be seen: as individuals - not victims. Their stories show the effect good reproductive health has and the positive outcomes that occur as a result. 

New Series by Dean Bradshaw - The Craftsmen

Dean Bradshaw is inspired by the idea of craftsmanship and the lifestyle of people who create by hand. These craftsmen embody an element of authentic character that is quite unique and in need of celebration, particularly in the west where these ‘small trades’ are becoming less and less common in the face of mass production.  The overwhelming desire to explore and show lifestyles that are so different to my own was definitely one of the driving forces behind this series.