MUSEUM TV features "The Decisive Moment" with Nigel Parry

MUSEUM TV Network is dedicated to art and photography around the world. The Decisive Moment tells you THE AMAZING STORIES BEHIND THE FAMOUS PHOTOGRAPHS…..1 Photographer, 3 Pictures, 3 Stories

Nigel Parry talks about three of his favorite pictures : the story leading to this special shot, the memories, the feelings, the process, the decisive moment when he decided to press the button…


Visual Revolutionary Podcast Features Dean Bradshaw

Episode 80: Dean Bradshaw / Commercial and Lifestyle Photographer and Director - On this episode of the podcast commercial and lifestyle photographer and filmmaker Dean Bradshaw talks about stepping past the fear of changing a certain aesthetic that has made you successful to pursue your own changing tastes, how he became involved in filmmaking and how that influenced his photography, the challenges of the current era of photography and content and how young people need to value their own work, and advice he gives to others coming up in this industry.

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