Dean Bradshaw Shoots AUDI A3 Campaign

Intrigue and suspense surround this compelling narrative campaign for Audi A3 shot by Dean Bradshaw.

Set amidst the landscape of downtown LA, here are some of the riveting images used to tell the story for the Premium brand supporting their emphasis on design and style with a great appreciation of being technologically advanced with innovative products.  The Campaign focuses on the attractive design, high caliber of materials and Audi’s build quality.

Jens Honore Shoots New Campaign for Lundbeck

Psychiatric and neurological disorders are prevalent throughout the world.  Lundbeck is an international pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of drugs for the treatment of these disorders.  Jens Honore was commissioned by Lundbeck once again but this time to travel to Spain, China, Texas and Denmark to document the plight of those living with these disorders with the task of telling their stories thru his photographs and videos.  The campaign highlights the patients as well as the care-givers as being the heroes deservedly so, who live with this scenario on a daily basis.

It’s thru Jen’s keen sensitivity and intimate portrayal of each subject that allows us, the viewer to gain a better perspective of the intensity of these situations highlighting the extreme importance for the appropriate management and treatment to be provided.

'Building a Dream' by Jens Honoré for LEGO

The owner of LEGO had a dream. A dream of building a house representing everything the LEGO brand stands for. A simple idea that took root and continued to grow, eventually maturing into the LEGO HOUSE. 

Photographer Jens Honore was granted full access to follow the complex and time consuming building of LEGO HOUSE a 12,000 square meter house filled with 25 million Lego bricks located in Billund, Denmark. From January 2014 with the demolition and clearing of the construction site all the way to the grand opening in September 2017. Lego published a book with all of his images called ‘Building a Dream’.